Some news.


13.12                           Final Fantasy                             19:50          

I decided to make an update for Final Fantasy. Changed font, fixed grammar bugs, and lots of other stuff. Get the patch v1.95 on Final Fantasy page.


Added English version of homepage. It works fine.
27.12                          SITE UPDATE
Dodao sam englesku verziju stranice!                                            
13.12                             Site update!                             15:50
Here is my first patch for Final Fantasy 3! Patch is done about 25% and awaits to be downloaded on Final Fantasy 3 page.

27.12                    Final Fantasy 3 SNES patch v 0.25

Look at the ads above. I know what you are thinking. But that's not it. I have some news. I'm getting my domain name! It's going to be related to everything like Zophar. It will also contain games for GameBoy, Nintendo etc. Yes, I know this is illegal in a lot of countries, But I will put some rules on my site, like: no downloading unless you legally own rom, OK? Good. Expect news soon.

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